O2 and Autism

O2 are heading into the last year of a 3 year partnership with Irish Autism Action. Over the previous two years I havent seen much in the public domain about the partnership but believe that it has been restricted mostly to internal staff fundraising and volunteering (willing to be corrected on this if Im wrong).


I was kind of disappointed by this as O2 must be one of the biggest spenders in terms of marketing, have a huge base of customers that could have been tapped into.

So needless to say I was delighted when I read on Damien Mulleys Blog that O2 are actually going to put some money behind the partnership.

October sees the launch of a new initiative by O2, in partnership with Irish Autism Action. It is called the Irish Autism Action Affinity. This offer is open to both prepay and post-pay O2 customers and the message is simple:

Text the key word ‘AUTISM’ to 50308 and 5% of your O2 monthly spend* will go towards autism services in your community. *Terms and conditions apply (see www.o2.ie/legal)

taken from Irish Autism Action site


5 thoughts on “O2 and Autism

  1. Great initiative here. I think you could be wrong with the restriction though. I follow this charity very closely and there have been other things that O2 have been involved with, last year’s Keith Duffy O2 Masquerade Ball, setting up the Solas Centre in Clontarf, sponoring the national helpline number and then they give money to them each year. Think this is a super idea though.

  2. Hi Sarah (or as your email address says Niamh Griffin),

    Thanks for telling me about the other things O2 have done for IAA, good to have that update. It is a great idea and I think IAA deserves the support, it is certainly a cause that is under funded and I know that certain forms of education programmes can make the world of difference to the kids.

    PS on this blog its ok to say you are from O2 and work in O2 Corporate Responsibility !

  3. More good words for O2.

    This came to me from someone who was involved with the partnership. Looks like O2 are doing this for all the right reasons. This person (who wants to remain annonymous) says: I have yet to come across such an advanced, organised and committed team than I met in O2. Below is the entire email

    O2 also provides a significant cash injection each year over 3 years and just to bring you up to speed 2008 is the last year in the current partnership!

    O2 was instrumental in the establishment of the Solas Centre (first of its kind in Ireland, diagnostic and assessment centre for children with autism) and in 2007 received a chambers Ireland president award in recognition of this achievement.
    In addition O2 provides great gifts in-kind for IAA such as marketing and strategic expertise, created a new website (no small feat), prints newsletter, sponsors events and uses their agencies to assist around artwork etc for large events hosted regularly by IAA.

    O2 even opens their offices for IAA’s board to meet as the organisation did not have access to appropriate facilities of its own in Dublin as their main office is based in outside the pale!

    O2 take CSR seriously and had two CSR executives employed to manage not only their relationship with IAA but also other aspects of their CSR plan. In my experience of corporate partnerships I have yet to come across such an advanced, organised and committed team than I met in O2. Meetings were bi-monthly always! With agendas and attendance pre agreed

  4. Thanks for that Conor. Sarah, my pen,blogger name and super hero in disguise name is no longer a secret identity. As of tomorrow I no longer will work for O2 as I’m off to pursue other things but i am thrilled with this new iniative.

  5. Hey Conor! Thanks for passing on the good word on this. I work for the forces of Autism myself and my secret super hero name is based on my husband’s first family pet.

    I have actually copied you url into an email I am sending in to o2 in the hope that we can continue the affinity up to christmas. It is making a big difference to a lot of groups and schools across the country who are feeling pretty strangulated fundswise at the moment.

    If it can continue I hope whoever reads this knows that it applies to Pay as You Go or top up phones as well as Bill pay; and if you have any free text or call a friend for free deals, they will continue. If you wanted to support it but had good deals with another phone company, you could bring your number and your preferred deal across with you. If you call ten friends from the same network for free; tell them to change over too!

    In my school, the monthly funds raised by the affinity will actually go towards a wages bill that means we have a full time speech therapist on campus, 5 days a week. This is almost unheard of in any state run school as the Speechies have to work with several schools and 3 times the number of clients.
    My little girl who is 9 has gone from saying PEEDAH to PEEZER (for pizza) in the 3 weeks since the speechie joined the team. It really is as simple as that. Yay for peeza!

    Thanks again, I am chuffed to see you bloggin’ on this.

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