Recession Fundraising Series Pt 3: Donating Today Survey

About 10 days ago I circulated a brief survey to get a sense of how people were feeling about donating to charities today, given the current economic climate. I will openly admit that the results are far from scientific. But they can give you an idea of how 80 people (not warm donors by the way) feel about donating to charity today.

What I found most interesting was the responses to the last question ( what do you think charities could do better to encourage people to support the cause) and so I have posted all the comments that came in from that question:

Donating Today Survey

80 respondents

There was practically an even split between those who felt they are less likely and those who felt they are more likely to donate today. 51% saying they are more likely to donate to charity right now. This was in slight contrast to 60% who felt that all this talk of Recession is making them not want to donate.


At the same time 95% of respondents believed that charities need more support at the moment


The majority of respondents, 81% said that they would be more likely to donate to charities that benefit domestic causes. Of local charities those working with Children, Poverty and Homelessness were most popular.


When asked what kind of charities, who benefit causes in other countries, they would be likely to support respondents stated that charities working in the fields of Relief, Self Help, Medical and Education were the ones most likely to be supported


The majority, 24% of respondents, felt that they would be likely to donate €20 to charity, with 17% said they would donate €50.


63% said they would be happy to set up a monthly standing order for their favourite charity for as little as €2 a month


The most likely ways people would support charity were:

1. Sponsoring a friend,

2. Buying a ticket to a ball or other event,

3. Donating to a coin collection unit,

3. Signing up to take part in an event

5. Buying a token or pin


The least likely way people would support a charity were:

1. Someone asking you to sign up on the street

2. A phone call from a charity

3. An ad in the paper

4. A letter from a charity

5. A radio ad


What may be of greater interest is what people had to say when they were asked : What do you think charities should or could do better to encourage people to support their work?



Actual reports of work done would encourage me to give over a vauge idea of what the charity does


presentations in a work situation – or setting up a fundraiser idea within a workforce so everyone gets excited and joins up, the charity should keep regular checks and encourage the participants at regular intervals to raise money.


give a clearer breakdown on how money is spent incl running costs


Transparency of funds for charities when donating amounts


ideas for events etc.


I’m not sure as everyone is saving their pennies so it is difficult. I think people may be inclined to give little and often as opposed to big amounts or direct debits. People may also be inclined to give more of their time as opposed to money to the work of charities which is equally important.


Email alters of information about the cause and what we as individuals can do to help.


tell us more about where our donations go


be more transparent as to the percentage of donation that actually goes to the cause and not to administration costs


Personally I feel that charities should try and emphasise on the impact your work has had on individuals or groups locally. I believe that we are still very parochial and like to see that something has made a diffference.


Perhaps get involved through local community groups


Stop chugging.


Clarify how low their cost base is


I don’t like Direct Debits at all for anything. I prefer old fashioned street collections that aren’t invasive that tell you how much they are trying to raise and what for.


Remind them that it used to be standard to give back a percentage of what you made


Ban charity muggers .. I work in town and can get harrassed several times a day. I dislike them so much that I will refuse to ever donate to the charity that they are collecting for.


Raise profiles and awareness, be realistic about what they should expect in the current climate, focus on smaller donation amounts with incentives e.g. deferred donations, making it easier to give etc


make it more transparent what percentage the charity actually gets after administration costs


Stop sending out marketing post to people who already donate and use the funds in a better way. Ideally to help the people we are meant to be donating to.


Temple Street Hospitalrun an excellenat campaign where every year they auotmatically post me sponsorship tickets with return envelope. This just makes life very easy and I will just bring the tickets out with me the next night I am out with friends. Making life as easy as possible for the donator is key!!!


Tell there story and exactly how donations are spent


Be better stewards of the resources people invest.


there are many charities out there fighting for your money and you can’t give to all of them so make it personal, if a friend is involved it’s always harder to say no.


less cold calling, more one to one communication


Explain the outcomes of its work / donation; differentiate itself from similar organisations;


Show results, and once they have people signed up STOP badgering them!




Show how money is being spent


9 + 1 = none of the above


By focusing more on local issues.


be brutally honest as to the bad conditions people are living in and with.


tell the donator where the €1s go. on admin? pacient or victim etc etc


Show respect for the current economic realities and attempt to demonstrate that funds are going where intended, without large administrative expenses, etc.


Personalise it. If you got a donation over certain amount follow up with how the money was used and how someone’s contribution made a difference. This would bulid an affinity and lead to continual contributions


In the present economic climate perhaps charities should set up more group ‘challenges’ for ordinary people to take part in and ones that are repeated every year. i.e. to try and create the same kind of feeling that people have about the Niall Mellon Trust seeing the difference people can make and making friends…. creating a unique experience as a climate for encouraging giving…


Charity starts at home. It’s all well and good having high minded morals about the less fortunate overseas, but the reality is that in Ireland there is a sea of misery awash with those that have fallen through the gaps. This is what needs to be addressed and tackled. I am not fundamentally against supporting external charities. However there is a pecking order to everything in life. Like it or not. Utopian Internationalist socialist views don’t mean much to the Irish homeless as they read about millions of euro in aid is being sent to Africa and Asia. This Right on attitude sported by charitable organisations sickens me to the very marrow. “give a man a net”…..


Local charities need to tell us about the current difficulties related to raising donations and the increased problems that recession causes for the beneficaries.


Let people know more about the work that is done


awareness of where the money goes…


be interesting and professional



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