Less Doom and Gloom. More Good News

I was listening to Today FM last week and the Ray D’Arcy show had a segment called “Good News”.

Clearly the show felt there was too much doom and gloom and so they decided to inject some fun into the show and inserted this “Good News” segment to counter all the bad news. They led up to this the previous day by ringing people who had a bad year (dept of finance, banks etc..) and played them The Hills are Alive from the Sound of Music to brighten up their day!

It was great radio and from the comments they read out the listeners loved it and it cheered people up.

As fundraisers we should look at what other industries are doing (we should do this all the time..but). In times of recession you will find that the tone of the entertainments industry will lighten up for example and so we should think about how we can lighten up our messaging.

Talk about positive impact, make people feel good. The last thing people need right now is to hear us talk about Doom and Gloom.

I think the Children in Need ad I posted earlier is a great example.


One thought on “Less Doom and Gloom. More Good News

  1. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even in times of doom and gloom there are shinning lights. There are people and organizations out there that are thinking of ways to help improve the situation the whole world is in right now. Keep up the good work.

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