Organising a Ball…Read This

If you are organising a fundraising ball either as a volunteer or as part of your charities calander of events you should read this great post by Daniel Fletcher on UK Fundraising.

Daniel went to it more as a social event, saying that the charity angle was actually secondary…interesting point I thought, maybe charities need to look at how they position these events. I know that the ISPCC Dove Ball is seen as one of the top social events in Dublin to attend and was a great success last weekend.

Daniel saw some areas where there was room for improvement:

  • no charity registration numbers anywhere to be seen on printed materials
  • an auctioneer who clearly hadn’t auctioned anything in his life, and
  • a number of missed opportunities to secure gift aid declarations.
  • the fundraising speech focussed too much on the problems, rather than the difference that my money could make. 
  • If you were part of the majority who didn’t really engage with the auction, there wasn’t an easy opportunity to give at that kind of level. A gift envelope on each table, with a gift aid declaration, would have been a simple outlet. 

Some good things he observed:

  • each person received a personalised printed booklet with the person’s name and their pre-chosen menu on the booklet cover. 
  • they had also pre-printed envelopes with the diner’s name for the table raffle, avoiding the problem of distributing pens on each table.

I agree with Daniels final thought that there are still people out there that want to support charity balls (check out the results of my survey) but charities need to think more about how people want to give.

Read the full post here


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