William Hill and Breast Cancer Care – Good Partnership?

William Hill have clearly put a big budget behind their Breast Cancer Care promotion. The promotion is looking for players to deposit and spend £20 on Bingo tickets within four weeks of joining William Hill Bingo and they will then donate £10 on your behalf to Breast Cancer Care.

There are also Pink Ribbon Games where 10% from every ticket bought is donated to Breast Cancer Care.

I dont know quite what it is about this campaign, but it just doesnt sit well with me, and I think in this instance maybe it would have been one that would have been ok to walk away from.

Ok so William Hill are putting cash behind this and so it is getting the name of Breast Cancer Care out there, during their key month of October. But this campaign is pushing people to an online betting site! That just seems to be a mis-match to me…..is it because it is Bingo that they think its ok?

I know that corporate partnerships need to be a good fit for all, on paper this is. It is talking to the Breast Cancer Care target audience, it is raising money and for William Hill it is driving people to their site to sign up and play (get hooked?) on their online Bingo.

But to me it just seems like gambling is a really dodgy area for a charity to engage in (ok there could be a debate here about the lottery too). But a company like William Hill is great at engaging people and keeping them engaged in online games…and fair play to them, that is their business. But driving people to their site with these hooks….spend 20 quid and we give 10 etc….just leaves me cold.

I dont doubt that William Hill wanted to help the cause but I wonder would there have been another way to do it, that wouldnt have had such a strong call to action to play their games?

Would love to hear peoples opinions on this…Am I way off the mark here? Is it ok to take money from wherever you can get it, especially now? Or are there times that you should say…you know what this just doesnt feel right and walk away from a potential windfall?

P.S. cant see mention of the campaign on the Breast Cancer Care site!


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