Recession Fundraising Series Pt 4: Great new site

Here is a great site by Pareto Fundraising, Fundraising Recession Watch. Great work guys.

Damian has sumarised the feeling at the IFC as follows: Dealing with the recession. To paraphrase, quit whingeing and keep fundraising.

Love it!

At the same time think we should keep an eye on techniques and tools to help ourselves through it so . I will continue to add to my fundraising recession series.


2 thoughts on “Recession Fundraising Series Pt 4: Great new site

  1. Great blogs you tagged!
    I am currently writing a thesis on modern corporate fundraising (which means fundraising in times of recession, but also the use of new media for fundraising efforts etc.).
    To support my dissertation, I set up a fund and informative blog, check out and please feel free to leave a comment!

  2. Thanks for your interest, my thesis is the final assignment of the bachelor studies International Communication and Media, at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands).
    What’s your thesis on?

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