Recession Fundraising Series Pt 6: Giving USA facts

Giving USA released a report on Fundraising in Hard Economic Times. I came across this on the For Impact Blog and here are some of the key points:

  • With history as our guide, we know that’s not true. In fact, while charitable giving is impacted by recessions and/or economic slowdowns, it’s not by nearly as much as one might expect.
  • Total giving has increased in current dollars in every year but one since recording began.
  • When the economy shows stress, whether it’s a recession or not, giving may grow more slowly… but it’s important to note that giving still grows!
  • Giving USA suggests under a heading of What Organizations Need to Do, that the most important step is to ask people for ‘contributions’ (Their word. Mine, obviously, is investments.) in a clear and focused manner.
  • I think the following quote is important, and lets face it, it echoes the sentiments in all the other posts, no harm keeping it in mind though:

    “It is important at this juncture for cooler heads to prevail and for non-profits to not listen to those who would claim the sky is falling,” Ruotolo said. “Those charities with a clear and compelling case and an established loyal donor constituency will continue to succeed, even in difficult times.


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