Giving on Facebook

Howard Lake reports today that Great Ormond Street have over 92,000 members on their Facebook causes page yet this has resulted in only $280 in donations. Amnesty International have over 312,000 members have managed to raise just over $15,000.

This is something i have been wondering about for a while and I asked Beth Kanter in April if she knew how much had been raised by the Causes application and you can read her reply here. (And check out Beths Blog for all things Social Media)

Does this mean that charities shouldnt be on Facebook or similar sites. No I dont think so. Does it mean that charities shouldnt rely on it to raise funds for them…absolutely. As Howard says in his post: That doesn’t mean that these supporters haven’t given or won’t give by other means. They just haven’t given via Causes/Facebook.

I think if you are putting your cause up on Facebook and getting people to sign up that you need to work them to be active in other ways in terms of donating. I think the Causes Application should be seen more as a badge or an affiliation that someone wants to display on their homepage to tell people something about themselves and what they stand for. So if you join a Breast Cancer Research Cause well you are stating that you support Breast Cancer Research.

Changing the Causes Application ?

I would like to see some sort of application that makes these badges more prominent on home pages. So it becomes more of a statement. Like when you buy a pin or ribbon in a shop to support a cause, you wear it proudly on your coat or jacket, so maybe Facebook could consider an online version of this? Would you pay for it? I think I might if it was part of an overall campaign. So perhaps Facebook can become an additional tool that could be used.

I would like to see Facebook make some changes to the application to make this possible. Imagine having a Pink Ribbon displayed on your homepage during October…you buy it for $1…same as you would in a shop.

Other Social Networks

I wonder what this means for other social networks who are encouraging charities to come on board. Ammado comes straight to mind and I would love to hear what their stats are on giving. I will drop them a line and see what they say. Perhaps it is working better for them.

Is your cause raising money from Social Networking sites? Would love to hear your thoughts


7 thoughts on “Giving on Facebook

  1. Ah and I thought I was coming up with a great new idea!!

    Thanks for that Raj, that is a great application, would love to see more of it. So have BT just done it for Crisis? How much has it raised?

  2. Hi Conor, it’s Anna from ammado. You are right, we have just recently launched a donation feature which I believe to be unique as people can make micro-donations from all around the world to charities around the world. You can essentailly build your very own giving portfolio which is displayed in your so-called ammado giving circle. That’s very similar to your badge idea,we alreayd have a bebo application for it, one of our software engineers has it on his blog and we are just in the process of building a facebook application. Check it out yourself, it’s pretty cool as you can change amounts and benficiaries on an ongoing basis (with the baility of enabling/disabling recurring donations; very flexible). While writing this I don’t have any stats by hand but I know that a small charity in Singapore received more than 100 Euro after 2 weeks and a small Irish charity should be close to Euro 1000 by now. You can also donate without being an ammado member, but in this case you don’t receive a giving circle/badge. Cheers, Anna

  3. Ho Connor

    It was being trailled by BT with 15 charities – it has not seen huge responses and we have made a few hundered pounds from it. I suppose it depends on the size of the Facebook cause page. When we did initial marketing we had about a 1000 members this has now gone up to 3000 so will try again as we have rebraned as well.

    hope that helps

  4. Hi Anna,

    Re the Giving Circle….I have to admit I am a little bit confused by it. Is it a tool for non profits who dont have online giving? What do you charge, or do you? Is the idea that I would send this to my friends and hope they would give to a charity that is important to me?

  5. Hi Conor,

    Unfortunately, one of the websites you frequent ( has some uncharitable people running it. Peter Conlon and Anna Kupka, the founders of Ammado, have refused to pay staff of their other company, Xsil, since September.
    This was just before the Christmas, too, so a lot of people with mortgages and children were left high and dry. The staff were only officially let go in December.
    Don’t be taken in by these crooks. If you want to give to charity, just give to charity. Their web-site is rubbish anyway.

    For more info, see:

    There are also several other interesting web results, given the correct google key-words.


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