Mobile Volunteering

I came across this on Lucy Bernholz Blog. Interesting enough, I have to admit my first reaction was a bit like Lucy’s…Huh….or mine was more like…Eh not sure!

Maybe my Eh not sure reaction is because I am more interested in seeing how we can, effectively, use mobile phones to raise funds. And Lucy makes the point that the way the system will help nonprofit managers and community organizers think in terms of 20 minute time bits I thought, oh boy, change is coming.


3 thoughts on “Mobile Volunteering

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  2. Hi Conor,

    Thanks for blogging about us.

    Our idea is not necessarily based around raising money, as much as it is based around increasing community engagement and harnessing people’s spare time for social good. It is our belief, that in today’s society, the only opportunity that busy people have as a means to give back is to write a check.

    We feel that 20-minutes of someone’s time (especially if it is high-expertise time) has considerable value. In every community in the world, there is someone with a few minutes free, and someone with a few minutes of need. Our goal is to build a platform that connects them.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions!

    Jacob Colker
    Co-Founder / Project Lead
    The Extraordinaries


  3. Jacob, its a great idea and volunterring can seem like a big commitment to people cant it. I read recently that in the UK organisations are moving away from the word volunteering, especially with young people. Making it accessible is such a great idea.

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