Another email from Barack Obama

Barack Obama hasnt stopped emailing me.

He always addresses me personally, he always tells me how important I am, he sends me links to videos, and always tells me what he is doing and what I can do to help him. Its been great, I have enjoyed being in such close contact with Barack (Im sure he wont mind me calling him Barack, its how he signs off on all his emails to me).

So if Barack gets elected President in November, will he stay in touch?

My gut is that he wont. Ok so he will be planning to run a pretty big country and Im sure thats a pretty busy job. But why would he stop? Why should he stop?

If I voted (and I do vote but Im not American so I cant in this election) I would have been one of the reasons he got into the White House. So why does he need me less now than he did when he was on the road.

Obama’s campaign was run on a grass roots level, it had a really personal feel to it. I even thought the ask for donations, as little as $5 was great, it made me feel like I can help, no matter what my financial situation is. I was a part of this movement of change.

So it looks like he is going to win (although as he reminds me often, the job is not done yet, I still need to get out and vote). So why would he stop contacting me. I, as far as he is concerned, am one of the reasons he succeeded. Would I care less about what he is doing now….NO….I probably care more now than ever.

I have emailed the Obama campaign to ask them about this, what their intention is once the election is over. I havent heard back…a worrying sign!

Whats the point?

Well I think as fundraisers we often communicate with people only when we need them, and then drop them. I think we spend so often asking that we don’t spend enough time talking, communicating, informing. People want to be a part of something successful, so talk about the successes. This all comes down to donor care. You need to care for your donors not just before and immediately after their donation but all the time. Because here’s the thing they care about your organisation. Don’t be like Barack (or how I suspect he will be if he gets to the white house).

Don’t just talk to me when you need me and then ignore me when you don’t.

here is a similarly themed post from Nancy E. Schwartz


9 thoughts on “Another email from Barack Obama

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  2. great post conor. i suspect you’re right, and a real shame too. he doesn’t email me, but then we’re not friends.

  3. I wish to express my regrets for Mr Barack Obama mourning.
    When President of the United States of America, his grand mother will always be an inspiration of love and mankind that his government should extend over the world.
    I’m a former exchange student in Southampton, Long Island, as Senior High School 1964-65. I’m a Chilean psychiatry, having living 16 years of exile in Belgian.
    I have follow in some ways Mr Obama´s health policies and I think it would be the best for US health system since Kennedy’s. It´s no possible that more than 40 millions americans dónt have access to health.
    I think that the world, Africa first, is waiting for signals of USA friendship. The AIDS epidemic is a must where market labels cannot count any longer. The International Court of Justice is a democratic and republicain purpose, as well as Tokio’s protocole to ensure the future.
    Democracy can´t be imposed. I think this presidential campaign talk about people’s decisions, people’s participation, people’s empowerment. Institutional change should assure that way; it should be done rigth away after election. The after days would not be possible political reforms, in political, territorial, economically or operative descentralisation, as well as federal regulation in economics.
    Mr Obama, I hope you will become the next President of USA.
    I think you have hundred and maybe thousands of millions of people watching this moment outside the USA looking after you.
    Yours sincerely
    Luis E. Peebles

    • Kiko,

      I ran across your comment and recommendations for President Obama in 2008. Since we are now in a completely differently political environment only two years later it is disappointing that regardless of the health care reforms, etc. that President Obama has been able to pass, it appears the Republicans will take control of the House, not to mention the possibility of the Senate as well in the November elections.

      I have been wondering about you and how you are doing now after 40 years since we’ve known each other. I would love to hear from you.

      Best regards,
      Betsy Wright

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  6. I am algerian citizen ,With all my respects to you, I just want to congratulate Mr. president barack obama for this great victory, because I find the ability to give yourself and make the effort to achieve the American dream of first class, and ” help the oppressed peoples to live in peace and security in their home, I wrote this letter because we are not only of African descent, but I admire your humility, and you’re close to all societies. Destroyed the barriers between people and not dispersed them, success in your task difficult by the failure of others. You’re right person at the right place. Blessed are you and your people ..

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