Yes You Can

I have heard this on the radio again this morning I dont know how many times. I know I have given out about celebrity before, but thats not really what this is about. This piece goes to show how an inspirational leader can mobilise people to change the status quo.  There are lots of lessons to be taken from this US election and I will try do a round up of some of the best posts in the next while but for today the lesson is: One person can make a difference, its a time to remember that and be inspired by it.

This thank you email was a nice touch too….does it answer the question I asked about Obama staying in touch?



3 thoughts on “Yes You Can

  1. Isn’t it beautiful, Conor? In a follow up to one of your earlier posts, I was pleased to see that in last night’s speech Obama specifically thanked those grassroots, $5 supporters. It will be interesting to see the influence this campaign’s success has on fundraising. I think all too often charities overlook their $5, $10, $15 and $20 donors…cashing their checks but not necessary making any further efforts to engage them. The Obama thank you email you received last night is a perfect example of how easy it is to remind supporters at every level that they are important long after the money is in the bank.

  2. katie, I couldn’t agree more with you….chasing the elephant isn’t always the best approach. For a fundraiser the Obama campaign has been like a “how to” manual.

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