Shaken or Stirred

Lets face it we all need some new ways to engage corporate partners, the typical routes for partnership arent as fruitful as they oncce were. Here is a good idea I came across from Capital Area United Way  where my friend Karen Profita is the new CEO.


They needed something to present to the industries that do not have a staff to do payroll deductions or who aren’t in a position to do corporate donations  .

The idea was presented to a venue/company to use their bar area for two hours with a cover charge of $5. There was a raffle and door prizes and tips or portion of tips went to United Way. The venue keeps all sales on liquor and food (if the venue serves it)

Local “celebrities” were approached with this concept….. Just a few hours of your time…. for a good cause…. They were then said to be ‘hosting’ the event and created signature cocktails.

Facebook and Myspace was used by creating events and groups open for friends to invite friends and so on. Many of the celebrities were media so this helped the efforts as well. They talk about it on-air and in the local papers.

Some people looking at this may think, why wouldn’t you just have one big one with a bunch of people. Nothing wrong with that but… by doing it this way you are able to reach a different audience with each week using a different location, naturally bringing a different crowd.  The age group attending the events has been 25-40 for the most part.

So far the events have raised a little over $7,000and over $10,000 in in-kind donation. Considering only about $100 has been spent on fishbowls for tips its a pretty sucessful event.

I really love this idea, it is simple and a great way to locally engage companies and supporters. Think about how many new people you can engage in your organisation in this way.

thanks to Melissa Parmelee who has organised these events for CAUW for sharing the information with me.


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