Pants Presents

Can you believe its only 5 weeks until Christmas…it probably doesnt seem that long ago since it was the summer and you were working on the campaigns that are now in place.

As has been the trend over the past few years the number of charities engaging in Virtual Gifts seems to have increased again. And Im not surprised, its a great idea and some executions of it are pretty impressive. I do wonder though if sometimes the person who gets the gift feels a bit disappointed? Im sure the research would show that they dont and the increase in the number of campaigns goes to show it is successful, but I wonder would it be worth thinking of giving the gift reciever a token gift, like a christmas tree decoration, a key ring, a soft toy (all branded)? Just a thought.

Here is a different angle to the Virtual Gift concept that I really like 


Pants Presents (you have got to love that name) is an idea that has been developed by CAFand I came across it on UK Fundraising.What I really like about this is that it puts the ask in the hands of the gift reciever

The idea is to encourage people to tell their family and friends asking them to give to charity instead of giving them a present.  The plan is for a dedicated Facebook page featuring the campaign will also be created.

I can really see this working well at some lower level gifts, so where people choose a Kris Kindle in work or where friends exchange small token gifts.

The stats are there to back up the thinking behind this campaign. Research for CAF, shows that over half (54 percent) of the UK adult population received unwanted Christmas presents in 2007. Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) would rather receive one less gift and have a donation made to charity instead. Nearly a fifth (18 percent) received a charity donation on their behalf instead of a Christmas present in 2007. Chocolates (27 percent), soaps or perfume (21 percent), books (17 percent) and DVDs (16 percent) topped the list of unwanted Christmas presents in 2007.


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