World “Whatever You Like, Just Make It Up” Day

Nothing focuses the mind like a “World Day”. You can announce and shout about the fact that today is World….(fill in the blank)…Day.

So how do you get a World Day to mark the something your cause is passionate about? Who do you go to register your World Day?

You Don’t. Just make it up. Google it to make sure no one else is running it (if they are you may need to call it a National Day). Then set about organising your campaign.

A great example of this is World Toilet Day. Yes World Toilet Day….and why not. Did you know that 2.5 billion people dont have access to a toilet? I didn’t


I found this out because of World Toilet Day (part of the International Year of Sanitation).

World Toilet Day was on Novemeber 19th and it wanted people to simply highlight this issue (looks like donating was secondary…..I do think they could have done more to encourage donations to make an impact…they could have had a lot of fun with it). Water Aid in the UK (and I came across this from their agency Whitewater) just wanted people to download a poster and put it up in work.

This is a great example of how, by focussing the mind to a day you can create a sense of urgency or importance around a message.

There are lots of examples of “Days” that take place. Does your organisation have a Day? Why not?


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