We all know that chugging is a controversial method of fundraising. Some people really hate it but yet charities are out there doing it…so it obviously works.

Today the Intelligent Giving Blog reports the results of a mystery-shopping exercise they carried out into the ethics of chuggers (face-to-face street fundraisers).

The results show that:

  • some fundraisers were prepared to lie about their earnings in an attempt to get  researchers to donate.  
  • the level of  compliance with professional standards was low.
  • many chuggers are un-engaged with the causes they represent (one chugger didn’t even know the full name of the charity they were representing!) 

These are worrying. Yes its a sample survey and so doesnt represent all chuggers. And no doubt this will raise further debate between those that think its a bad fundraising method and those that think its reprhensable.

I think the problem with chugging is that its like Marmite (you either love it or hate it). The reality is that no matter what you do you cant please all of the people all of the time.  Should charities not carry out this method of fundraising? Of course they should. But they need to take care and make sure those they employ care and realise that they are the face of the charity (the big hint is in the name..face to face!).

What do you think?


One thought on “Chugging

  1. I don’t really like them. But I do like the volunteer collectors on Flag days. Before I had a chance to commit regularly to raising awareness and funds for autism, I would do the odd flag day where I could for causes that meant something to me.
    2 good friends lost loved ones to suicide and I felt useless to them. So when I heard of Aware, I started doing Daisy Days. I am a Carer of kids with special needs, so I do the Carers association days, and I really admire what DS Ireland have achieved so I did a Honey day too.
    It was something I thought I was good at (never let a chance go by) and I enjoyed engaging with people after being stuck at home a lot of the time. I also enjoyed the sense of achievement when the Daisy tray got too heavy to hold with one hand.

    I guess that is a totally different thing, and not enough to sustaine charities for a whole year, but I do not identify with chuggers at all.

    And marmite is disgusting. Vegemite is king.


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