Chuggers – Part 2

I posted earlier this week about The Intelligent Giving post about their research around on street fundraising. Its led to some interesting responses, here are some:

  1. Adam Rothwell defends his research in a video with Howard Lake, check it out here
  2. Dan Fletcher on the Professional Fundraising Blog has his say, suggesting that Intelligent Giving just crave publicity, check that piece here
  3. Here is the official response from the PFRA, you need to scroll down to the comment titled “Intelligent Giving criticisms of face-to-face”
  4. Adam Rothwell back defending his position again, and applauding charities that have reacted well to the research stating they will take action, you can read that post here

My position still stands on this issue. It is a controversial method of fundraising, it works, but if a charity engages in it they need to remember that it is the public face of their organisation. I had an incredibly negative experience where a chugger told me, after I politely declined stopping to talk to them (I always try to be nice about it, i know what its like), they said “You should it would make you feel good”.

I have never even considered donating to that organisation since then. That’s the danger of getting it wrong. But when you get it right…well the results speak for themselves.


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