Send a Singer

I actually came across this idea last year, and it looks like they have changed the campaign this year to another great idea (I have a link at the end of this post). I still really like this one.


Its a nice twist on a Christmas Card campaign. Donors are asked to

  1. Select a tune (depending on price)
  2. You then get sent a personalised E-Card which you send to your customers/clients
  3. You get your logo in an ad in the Financial Times

Selling Christmas Cards, I always find, is a time consuming and pretty expensive way of raising money. I think there is certainly a place for it, I certainly think individual supporters will still look for cards and you should have a supply. But when it comes to corporates I think they are looking for easier ways to send out Christmas greetings and are also looking to show at Christmas that they support charities.

This is a great way of doing that. I know when I spoke with companies they were happy enough to just have something that they could add to the end of an email to say that they have made a donation, but this takes it to the next level.

The technology is there so I think it should be used. Im sure filming the songs didnt cost much and the site cant have cost a lot to put together either. Great campaign. They have developed on it for this year, check out what they are doing…



3 thoughts on “Send a Singer

  1. Hi Connor

    Thanks for the kind comments on this on this Crisis campaign. We are also launching a version of last years e-card for the general public to send – it’s very interactive and
    good fun. Keep tuned to our website over the next week or so.


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  3. You may check out the new iPHONE APP for Singers called SINGERS VOCAL WARMUP. It works so great! You can practice singing your scales anytime anywhere you want. Great for warming up voice.
    go to :

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