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Paul Dervan posted recently about Blogs V’s Websites.  In the post Paul says:

websites are relics. They are static, inflexible, costly and clunky..Today, your online presence is about content. People come back to read (or see) what you are doing…So – dump the idea of building a website. Start a blog.

We got talking about this whole topic and he was telling me about a Blog on the Irish Autism site.

This Blog is great, its being written by a Mother talking about her experiences with her child who has autism and its really impactful. I actually think that this should be the home page for the Irish Autism site.

The Autism Blog is a great example of how a Blog can be a lot more effective than a traditional website. They are also cheap/free to put together. I can think of lots and lots of charities that would benefit from having a blog instead of a website.

(and if you want to know What Autism is, from Lisa’s point of view check out this great post)


4 thoughts on “Autism Blog

  1. cheers conor. wonder if there are more examples, as I’ve a feeling this discussion is not over just yet.

  2. HI Conor; ah, make that two kids with Autism. Bratty has been stealing the headlines recently but Boo makes an appearance now and then. And check my blogroll; Boo has his own blog!

    Blogs are a lot more fun than websites too, that’s for sure.


  3. Isn’t that Autism post just the coolest and informativest (?) piece of writing on the subject. Way to go Lisa, and good luck with it – and well done to Conor for the post on it.

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