Nearly a Billion People Starving

This figure is just mind boggling and scares me. To think so many people go each day hungry. …can you get your head around it. It is 14% of the worlds population.

Ok lets put it into numbers that make sense.

Do you work in an office? Will you be in a canteen today? Will you be in a meeting today? Do you reckon over the course of today you will see 20 people?


Ok well take three people out of that group.


Thats the number. Almost 3 from every group of 20 people will go hungry today. So look at that group of 20 people and think that right across the world there are groups like this, and for every group like this 3 wont eat enough today.

Its astounding.

“This sad reality should not be acceptable at the dawn of the 21st century,” the FAO’s director general, Jacques Diouf, said in a speech to launch the report. “Not enough has been done to reduce hunger and not enough is being done to prevent more people becoming hungry.”

source: The Guardian


3 thoughts on “Nearly a Billion People Starving

  1. Simply put, sobering and staggering in its enormity. Thank you for pointing this out in this season of good will and plenty. It’s timely.

  2. I couldnt agree with you more Nick, its actually really impacted me..the scale of the problem is enormous, but if we all think about the three people we can each help, then we can chip away and try fix this

  3. It’s an easy one to put to one side and say to yourself, I will do something about that later. But if you can imagine those three people in front of you; well, it’s shameful.

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