Maybe its the time of year but there have been a few things that I have come across lately that made me nostaligic….and to think that I should be tapping into this nostalgia for fundraising (it would have to be very targeted but I really believe it would work).

evelThe first thing was on the RTE website where they had a section called Christmas starts here. They have some top 5 lists, but the one I really liked was the Toys you thought you wanted…it had a list of toys that I remember as a child either getting or wanting or knowing others who got them. It brought back good memories


The second thing that got me thinking was a post by Tim who wrote  a post called “I Love Woolworths”. Woolworths is practically a British institution, you could buy anything in Woolies and Tim recalls as a child

This is where my Mum clothed me. This is where I’d ‘borrow’ the odd sweet, save up and buy m first single, and obsess over those impossibly long felt-tip sets.

Woolworths is in all sorts of financial troubles these days and Tim laments the fact that he wont be able to share these memories with his own children. What was interesting was when Tim said

A friend told me the other night that if someone knocked on his door asking for a pound for Woolworths he’d “throw a couple in”. Which is an odd thought because he’d probably tell a charity that “times were a bit hard…”

Interesting stuff.

This got me to thiniking about other things that make me feel nostalgic. The ads below are two great examples. The first one is the Kellog’s Christmas Ad that reminds me of being a child and the magic of Christmas. Im not sure how old the ad is, its a good few years old, but it still works and for me when I see that ad, I just get that “Christmas Feeling”

This next one is a radio ad from Ireland. Again this just gets me everytime. I hope it translates to other markets but there is just something magical about it (from an advertisers point of view its gold, people actually ask radio stations when the ad is going to be played!).

I think as charities we can take two lessons here. The first is one Tim talks about and that is the fact that

Charities should try and engage more with children and their families. Become integral players in childhood memories. I know this might seem like long-term planning but it’s really not that long before a child in primary school will be graduating and starting work.

The second I think is that charities should look to capitalise on the feelings of nostalgia. I was thinking that if I was to get a mailing that played to my memories of childhood and what Christmas was like for me and then related that to those who wont get to have those memories, it would really make me put my hands in my pocket to help. Ok I know that it would have to be really targeted, but thats ok. I think there is plenty of scope here to do some great work.

We need to get people feeling about our causes. Its not about the stats or the facts. They are cold. We need people to get emotional. Whatever that emotion is. Nostalgia is just one, and I hope I have given you some good examples of what is working outside of the not for profit world.


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