Talk to your donors to increase response rates


Yes I know….its not rocket science..but so often we just dont do it. We are too busy (too busy to talk our donors…think about that)

Sean Triner wrote a great post last week about this topic and it is well worth a read. Here are some highlights but I would encourage to click this link and read it in full

Here is the plan:
Part I: Immediate action required

Organise a team of people (if you can’t get anyone else, still crack on with it yourself) and invite them for one or two evenings next week to stay late (or come in late) and join you from about 5pm to 8pm.

Part II: Next week – preparation

Do a selection from your database of people that were mailed. Use this criteria:
– Gave last Christmas, but not this Christmas
– They have a phone number, and have not forbidden you from calling

 Part III: Next week – the brief

Brief your team (or if by yourself, use a mirror)

In the call you need to get across these points:

  1. Thank you. You are wonderful. Your most recent gift of x was really appreciated.
  2. A short story about someone or something that benefited from their last gift NOT statistics, but an actual story and preferable in first person.
  3. Ask them if they recall your Christmas appeal sent recently
  4. Remind them about the case study in the appeal
  5. Ask them what they thought about the appeal, if they read it.
  6. Ask them if they were going to donate
  7. If they don’t say they have already donated, then thank them and tell them that you can take the donation by credit card now on the phone if convenient. Most will decline.
  8. process the donation but for those who don’t pay by credit card don’t worry, just say you will look out for their donation.

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