A donation vacation ?


Fantastic idea.

I came across this idea from Vibeka Mair and apparently it originated in a brainstorming session from marketing communications agency RAPP  

How great would you feel about your favourite charity if they contacted you and said…Hey if you need to take a break from your committment to us thats ok.  I think it needs to be integrated into a larger organisational strategy. Im not one for encouraging panic, but I also think charities need to be pro-active. I have to say I would feel fantastic if an organisation I supported contacted me to let me know that this offer was there and that it was ok. I believe if I did need to take a break I would try and increase my donation when I can afford to commit again.

Is anyone doing this?


4 thoughts on “A donation vacation ?

  1. That sounds scary and hard to do.

    I sponsored a child for 10 years before we had our own, and while they were quite comfortable telling us that our child had grown up and they had found us a new one, they didnt make it so easy when due to becoming a single income family; we had to leave the plan.



  2. Earlier this year we were hit by a devastating hurricane. Almost four months later we are surrounded by homes with blue tarps covering holes in roofs, a number of downed trees and empty lots where homes once stood. We sent an appeal out recently and stated that we hoped this difficult year had been kind to them and that they could still donate because it made such a difference when people needed help. If they were not so fortunate we understood and asked them to contact us if we could be of assistance. It has just gone out and I will let you know what, if any, feedback we get.

  3. Hi Conor, I think this is very courageous. I like it. As always, the old saying applies – treat people the way you’d like to be treated.

    @ Karen – I’d be keen to hear how your appeal works. I remember reading years ago that by encouraging people to reply back even to say they are not interested, actually increase revenue. Think it was one of Bob Stone’s books. Not sure.

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