More than just donations

Here are two great sites that are encouraging people to help charities, without necessarily having to give donations.

While as a fundraiser I am mostly interested in the donations we need to consider how we can continue to keep people engaged in our cause even at a time when they cant make a donation. Of course the results have to be of real value to your organisation but perhaps they can take on tasks that have typically cost you money. Worth thinking about.

The first is The GiveList  which is “a resource of ways to support communities and causes this holiday season* that don’t necessarily require writing a check.  We all know it’s rough out there this year, but that also means that the needs of people and communities are also greater than every.  There are a lot of ways that a creative do-gooder can continue to help heal the world. And we’re betting, actually praying, that you know a bunch of ways to help.  Share ’em.”

The second is Festive Favours, and they have an advent calendar with a new favour every day, you can check out the favours and choose one that suits you. Great idea and a really nice site.



One thought on “More than just donations


    Here is another great site that is encouraging supporters to help the cause they are passionate about, without having to write a check.

    The Fund-It/BenefitBar program was developed to assist schools, religious organizations, sports teams, non-profits, associations, charities, clubs, youth organizations, and all organizations that have a need to generate funds necessary to achieve their goals.

    Fund-It in conjunction with BenefitBar will utilize our patent pending/copyrighted business model and technologies that will help you raise needed dollars to help make a difference. We will create and design a customized toolbar which also includes a search engine powered by YAHOO. The Toolbar will be branded with your organizations name and information, and you are in total control of the look and content. Your Tool Bar will have links to your web site that makes it easy and efficient for your audience; (people passionate about your organization) to navigate to your web site, and keep your organization top of mind.

    The search engine powered by Yahoo is the same search engine and information someone receives today. The search engine is the source of revenue that will help you raise the needed dollars to make a difference. At NO COST to you or your audience and with no purchase necessary; you make money when a search for items of interest are initiated from your search engine located on your toolbar and a sponsored link is clicked on when the search result page appears.

    Jeremy Brookman
    National Consultant #2012
    FUND-IT a division of BenefitBar

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