Katya’s reminder

Katya Andresen has a great post reminding us about what we are up against.

Daily Life.

In her post Katya writes about some of the things she did yesterday, took gum out of her childs hair, listened to her pre-teens music, watched her child read a book, looked at how much she spent over the holidays.

What did you do yesterday? What are you doing today?

Your donors are doing all these things too. They arent, as Katya puts it, sitting in an empty room just waiting for your direct mail piece to arrive.

She reminds us that people have lives and what we need to do is make them want your organisation as part of their life.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the importance of what we are doing (and yes it is really important) that we forget that it can be way down the list of even our strongest supporters. We need to continually find the way to ensure we are an important part of donors lives. I think Impact will help with this and yes my old favourite…appreciation.

Thanks Katya


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