Jack & Jill Foundation recycling

jackjillThe Jack and Jill Foundation are all over charitable mobile phone recycling in Ireland. Others do it but they don’t seem to be as loud as Jack and Jill. I would love to know how much it raises for them each year compared to what others are getting from it, but I am going to guess that Im not going to find out!

Anyway it was good to see them promoting their campaign on blogs.  They contacted Damien Mulley and gave him 4 phones (new) to give away in turn for promoting their latest campaign.  And Damien has duly obliged (There arent many charities (in Ireland) blogging or using blogs to try get support so its good to see Jack and Jill (or their PR firm?) getting it and seemingly getting it right. It would be good to hear hear if Damien obliged them coz they are a charity or was it that their approach was spot on? Information that could help others who are thinking of taking this approach (last thing we want is charities spamming!)

If you have a spare phone check out how to donate


3 thoughts on “Jack & Jill Foundation recycling

  1. No PR company, nothing direct from J&J. Supporters of the foundation gave me the prizes and asked me to do something with bloggers to encourage donating. I thought it was an interesting thing to try out.

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