Money in coin


I have seen how much money can be made by collecting coins, people put loose change into tins in shops, they may only put in a penny or two, but it all adds up. Even now when people will probably be more careful the loose change that they get at the till will be handed over. 

Here is a great story of school children collecting over 3 million coins. Students from 31 Colorado elementary, middle and high schools have officially harvested 3.7 million pennies, or $37,826.02, for local charities through the Young Philanthropists Foundation’s 2008-2009 Penny Harvest.

Goes to show that there is money in coin. Read the full story here


One thought on “Money in coin

  1. Hi Conor –

    I wanted to make sure it was ok to post your blog about our Penny Harvest on our website? It’s fully titled as it is on your blog and people can be directed back to the blog. We really appreciated your comments on the program.

    Julie Carlton
    Program Coordinator
    Young Philanthropists Foundation

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