Fundraising Ireland National Conference

Save the date. Thursday 26th March Croke Park Stadium

 ” Survival and Growth in a Challenging Climate”

The Conference will see many leading national and international figures from the fundraising world come together to address how we can maximise fundraising success in a challenging climate. The line up of fantastic speakers includes some well known international faces such as Bernard Ross from the Management Centre in the UK; Jon Duschinsky from the Europe Fundraising Association and Daryl Upsall from Upsall Consulting International, who will be joined by some more familiar Irish faces.


2 thoughts on “Fundraising Ireland National Conference

  1. Hi Conor,

    How long do you think it will be before we get to log in to live webstreams of conference sessions? Howard Lake put up a few snippets of IFC on You Tube last year and I’m seeing more “webinars” happening…so I’m guessing it won’t be long.


    • Yes and it should be that way. I wouldnt mind paying for them to be honest. I do wonder though to some conferences worry about attendances dropping if they went this route?

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