When 2 cents = 1 million


I’m a big fan of coin and loose change….and so am a big fan of this campaign between UNICEF Ireland and Topaz service stations.

The two have teamed up with the aim of raising 1 million euro by asking customers to add 2 cent to their bill. Great idea, 2 cents is nothing to most people.

I wonder how it will work, will staff in the store actively ask customers, will they feel comfortable asking? Or will it be a passive thing (I will fill up in Topaz next time and find out).


3 thoughts on “When 2 cents = 1 million

  1. that research mirrors exactly how I feel about the recession, and yet I have used words like downturn in my pitch many times. Not any more. It makes perfect sense. Tx Conor.

  2. whoops, meant to post that comment on the downturn post. Serves me right for using the iPhone to read blogs!

  3. no sympahty…you have an iPhone!!! Thanks for the comment


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