New Research on Irish Charities

Irish Charities Tax Research and the Ireland Funds have commissioned the Centre for Nonprofit Management, Trinity College Dublin, to conduct a survey of nonprofit and voluntary organisations to ascertain organisation’s income base, determine the reliance on different fundraising methods, and identify how organisations are adjusting their fundraising planning in light of the current economic situation.  

Such data has not previously been gathered in Ireland.

The survey questions are aimed at CEOs and Heads of Fundraising.  Over time, information gathered in this survey will enable the Centre to track the performance of fundraising organisations in Ireland.

Please encourage your CEO’s or Head of Fundraising to fill out this survey. We badly need the data in this country.


2 thoughts on “New Research on Irish Charities

  1. How can I help? 72 years old, widow. Went to Ireland last year. Impressed by rural poverty.

  2. I am an American of Irish heritage. We pretended we were not Irish while I was growing up. I am home now. McKnight — north Ireland — what can I do?

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