Eh….So What is Twitter?

I always direct people to Beth Kanter when they want to know about Social Media. Beth knows it all…I can barely keep up! But just to mix it up a bit here is another great explanation of twitter that I thought would be useful, it came from dmr.

Twitter……The most exciting AND fastest growing social media tool.

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Growing 752% last year, Twitter had a total of 4.43 million unique visitors in December of 2008 and is adding thousands of users each day. Twitter is literally like listening to consumers around a water-cooler discussing everything…. Conversations are taking place on twitter…make sure your organisation is being talked about.

With a presence on Twitter, you can enter and become part of the water-cooler conversation. What’s more, it provides a rich and fertile ground for understanding what consumers are saying about your brand and the surrounding environment. To get a sense for the conversations going on right now, click here and search for a brand you care about.

Social media on its own is not sufficient. However, in off-peak times or in periods of limited resources, social media can provide some coverage to the thought-leaders and connectors in your community


4 thoughts on “Eh….So What is Twitter?

  1. Hi Conor,

    I was late for facebook. Then I tried to separate my professional “friends” from my long lost family members. Couldn’t do it.

    I created a “cause” page too to try and get donors over there. My family joined. They are all mixed up as “friends” and I’ve come to accept it.

    Then I learned about linked in. So created a profile.

    Then I learned about blogging. Love the blog. Great place to practice writing. Amazed that people actually read it.

    Sadly our organizational website is grossly out of date. I’m procrastinating on that. Not sure anyone has noticed really…websites are so last year!

    But here’s the thing. All this online media is overwhelming me! I’m craving the slower days. My aunt still writes letters by hand on paper and puts them in the mail with a stamp. I like getting those. She puts a lot of thought into the words she wants to use.

    I admit that I know more people now then I did a year ago and all around the world. That is cool. But I ask you – Do you think we have lost something with respect to the quality of our correspondence? If so what is happening to the quality of correspondence with our donors?

    I’m thinking a weekend without the computer might be a good thing! Not sure I can….

  2. PS For me Twitter will have to wait. That was the point!

    • I love that your aunt still sits down and writes letters (I can almost picture it). Things are moving so fast now and communications so immediate, things are out there sometimes before you know it. I know if a DJ on a radio station here asks a question like..Who was the actor in this film…in a matter of seconds they will have 10 or 20 texts giving them the answer. The speed of it all is astounding.

      I think with things like Twitter and Facebook as they relate to our organisations we need to use them wisely. I’m up there to try learn how people are using it and hopefully post some good ideas that I see. As with everything I think it needs to be of value. An update saying “We want you to run in the marathon for us please” probably isnt a great one….perhaps one like “Anyone thinking of running the marathon, we have a great training programme we can send you” would be. So like all our communications they have to connect.

      I think the point is that these are all additional tools…but sitting down and writing a letter, like your aunt, or picking up the phone and talking to donors, like you do, shouldn’t be replaced by these tools.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading.


  3. You make a good point about a distinction between our own lives and our organization and valuable choice of words.

    This is an excellent you tube video (a little long but worth it) about why Seth Godin is not on Twitter.

    Have a great weekend Conor.

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