Obama Fundraiser to speak at IFC Online


The Resource Alliance PR were in touch with some interesting news. The  line up for the IFC online conference has increased with one of President Obama’s election campaign fundraisers added to the bill.

Scott Goodstein, who ran mobile and social networks for the Obama campaign, is to present a third plenary. He has been asked to present on what he did with mobile and other organizing for the Obama campaign and how nonprofits could adapt it to their

He will join Premal Shah, the founder of the groundbreaking micro-finance website Kiva.org will also be a speaker at the first-ever global virtual fundraising conference this May. Ramya Raghavan, manager of nonprofits and activism at YouTube will also be a plenary speaker

Both are part of a roster of renowned international experts who will present a series of webinars on digital and new media fundraising to a predicted global audience of more than 1,000 fundraisers.

The Resource Alliance intends to make IFC Online an annual event to sit alongside the International Fundraising Congress and the International Workshop of Resource Mobilisation.

The tentative schedule is:

IFC Online programme

 The IFC Online programme consists of 10 60-minute practical ‘workshops’ (with an extra 30 minutes Q&A) and three 45-minute plenaries (with a 15-minute Q&A session).

 Each workshop will be delivered twice over the three-day period from 12-14 May, 2009; plenaries will be delivered once only.

 Plenary sessions (60 minutes)

  • Plenary 1: Using video to connect with your donors and prospects
    Ramya Raghavan, manager of nonprofits and activism at YouTube
  • Plenary 2: Getting inside the donor’s head to create effective online fundraising
    Premal Shah, president of Kiva.org

Workshops (90 minutes)

  • Developing a digital strategy for your organisation
    Jason Potts (UK) – THINK Consulting Solutions
  • Engaging the mobile and social network ‘trysumers’: converting web visitors and activists into donors
    Marcello Iniarra (Argentina)- consultant
  • Maximizing the value of your donors with an integrated direct response strategy – online, mail, phone, mobile, direct dialogue, and major donor  Mal Warwick (USA) – Mal Warwick Associates
  • Cultivating major donor relationships online  Nick Allen (USA) – Donordigital 
  • Making social media work, from walkathon personal pages to Facebook
    Mike Johnston (Canada) – HJC

The registration fee of $US275 (£190) Providing an NGO can hook up a computer to an LCD projector and run the audio through a speaker system in an auditorium, the entire organisation could attend the conference on a single registration.

For more information about IFC Online, visit www.fundraisingonline.com or contact Alan Bird, marketing and communications director, at alan@resource-alliance.org


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