Great Quote

Jeff Brooks posted this, thought it was worth sharing

Great marketers of the future will not be measured by how well they tell stories to their audience, but rather by how well their audience tells stories about them.

(From a presentation by Tim Smith, posted here.)


4 thoughts on “Great Quote

  1. How do you measure that? Do you have to wait for the stories to come back – anecdotally??

  2. Nice quote, agreed. Many of the NPOs we work with express concern over how their messages might be distorted by open-sourcing the conversation. But it’s important to realize that most of the correct info. will make it through; the process tends to be self-correcting.

    And the way you engage in the conversation says a lot about you. You’re always going to have criticism, but you’re always going to have fans, too. Being part of the discourse gives you a hand-up on knowing your audience, which can help you communicate more effectively.

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