One of the biggest donations?

I posted after the election asking whether or not Barack Obama would stay in touch, and cynically I said I doubted he would. How wrong was I! He has, and pretty consistently.

I think his recent communication to me is one that is going to be worth following.

To me it seems like Obama is treating his rescue package as one massive big donation from the American people to the American Economy.In his email the President says things like:

  • Americans need to know how it will affect their lives — they need to know that help is on the way
  • Once it’s passed, you will be able to see how every penny in this plan is being spent.
  • You can help restore confidence in our economy by making sure your friends, family, and neighbors understand how the recovery plan will impact your community.

He is also mobilising people by asking them to:

Join thousands of people across the country by hosting or attending an Economic Recovery House Meeting this weekend.

This is great stuff, the communication is clear, the impact is being highlighted and he is trying to create Raving Fans for what he is doing.

You know as I write this I cant help thinking that Obama is really operating like a great not for profit and has taken from our industry. We have all asked how he has done what he has done, and the answers can be found in our industry. He has taken best practice from non profits and applied it to what he is doing, we should recognise that.The difference is he is doing it really well, and thats where we can learn some lessons.


3 thoughts on “One of the biggest donations?

  1. I agree, Conor. It’s his community organising background that, I believe, helped him see the value in social media *and* more importantly gave him a sense of how he could use it effectively.

    I think that’s why I dare to hope that he might prove a good leader: I see his charity/nonprofit style and value that far more than the style of someone who has achieved high office through family ties and/or success in making profits at one or more businesses. (Can you guess which recent ‘leader of the free world’ I’m thinking of?).

    But then I’m biased…

  2. Well put, Conor and Howard.

    He’s also creating a tribe (Seth Godin’s latest book Tribes offers a great take on this for both profit and non-profit) and working on the basis that the role of the leader is to help his tribe reach their promised land (rather than lead them where he wants to go).

    We can all take a leaf out of Obama’s book…

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