Charities Bill explained in less than 4 mins

Explained by Ivan at the Wheel (thanks to Harvey for sending it on)

The Dáil passed the Bill on Wednesday, 11 February, with one technical amendment being referred back to the Seanad for approval, which is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, 17 February.  The Bill will then pass to the President for enactment and will be commenced in stages – with the Minister indicating that full implementation could take up to two years!  
Following enactment, the “Act” will then be gradually commenced in stages by the Minister, with each stage – we have been assured – being well flagged in advance.
Incredibly it is unlikely that there will be many significant implications for charities during 2009.


2 thoughts on “Charities Bill explained in less than 4 mins

  1. a comment about fundraising via donations: I think the donations where you actually get something in return are, although not quite charity, the most effective ways for charities to raise money. For example, you can buy a charity single by Dec from Ant and Dec for not much, but most of it goes to charity. You get something for your money, and the charities get a little bit of cash too.. Have a look:

  2. Thanks for that. One question – is a charity defined in the new legislation? Are friendly societies included?

    Thanks, Barry

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