Red Nose Day


Its not far off now. While Telethons in a lot of markets are struggling both Children in Need and Comic Relief seem to still thrive.

I checked out their website, expecting to be blown away by it, and to be honest I wasn’t. Dont get me wrong it is a good site, but I really thought there would be something WOW about it. My plan was to tell people to go there and take a look at it, almost as a “this is how to do it”….but I don’t think I would say that about the site. I actually got a bit dizzy looking through it!

I do like their new Red Nose’s and the t-shirts. They do give some great fundraising ideas, or should I say they have a great list of fundraising ideas (nothing really new). But their site disappointed me a bit!

What do you think…


One thought on “Red Nose Day

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