Daffodil Day on Twitter


Daffodil Day (Irish Cancer Society) is coming up at the end of March and in Ireland it is a huge fundraiser, you literally don’t see anyone not wearing a daffodil.

Daffodil Day has always led the way with great add ons to the traditional daffodil which they started off with. This year it is great to see them on twitter. They have had a little bit of criticism about what they are tweeting and it seems at times they are just tweeting press releases. I saw someone else recently use twitter in a similar way and it was a bit lazy to me (in this case they just copied and pasted supporters messages onto twitter, even a little editing would have helped).  I like Twitter but if organisations arent going to use it properly I would say dont use it.

Daffodil Day also have a nice Plant A Daff site too


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