Best Job in the World


Have you heard about this…the best job in the world.

Great idea by Queensland Tourism. They set up this site and sent out a press release and it got picked up all over the place. The idea apparently came out during a chat in their office (see sometimes there are great ideas in the madness!). They had 34,000 applications and have made a shortlist.

Ok this isnt a fundraising idea, but here’s the point, get it right, make it appealing, make it relevant to a target market, have an interactive site, get peoples opinions….and you are on to a winner! (Sounds easy I know, but just keep this site in mind when someone in the office has an idea that just sounds a bit crazy!)

If you go onto the site….vote for George (He’s the Irish guy!)


4 thoughts on “Best Job in the World

  1. You are so right Connor. I heard about this on the radio a few months ago. This is a brilliant piece of marketing and evidence that some of the craziest simplest ideas can have the most merit. Thanks for sending the shortlist I meant to follow this….

    • Crazy ideas are sometimes just that…crazy, but then sometimes when you look into them and pear them back they are, like this one, fantastic. You should always look at them though!

  2. Crazy and Simple hey? those Queenslanders know their stuff.

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