The Right Ask

We all know that fundraising is about the right ask, at the right time and for the right amount (ok its more than that, but you know where I am coming from).

Well guess who got it just right…Comic Relief. What an amazing restult over 59 million raised. They positioned this years event just right and the results show. I know they have a lot going for them in terms of the set up they have, but still a job well done and while I gave out about their website (I still dont like it, I got dizzy trying to find some video footage to post and ended up not finding any on the site..whats that about) they pretty much got everything else right.

So I know there is a recession on, but surely Comic Relief’s amazing result can give us some hope, people still want to give, people still care, people still want to help. If you make a compelling case and make the right ask, you will be ok.


5 thoughts on “The Right Ask

  1. I’m glad to hear that and I agree with you Conor. Getting away from the Big End of Town and all their distractions with golden circles etc. Real, reach into your pocket giving has not diminished. And if you have the right cause, and the right communication about your cause- then you will be able to keep going.

    It is just going to be more work for more people to get it, but in truth more people will be involved with giving.

    Those charity balls and golf days that use to pay half our wages bill in my kid’s school; they were elite in that only a minority could afford to attend and take part. I have been a guest at the table of several and found that after suit hire, new dress/shoes etc, even the Tombola Raffles would leave us financially stretched, When we did buy a ticket ourselves once it was half our holiday budget.

    However, now that the Balls are a hard sell (and a lot of work) more people are organising smaller events that are more affordable, like benefit gigs and they will probably be more fun. And everyone in the group can take ownership.


  2. Raffles work great. But you might go to Easy Fundraising Ideas to look for more traditional fundraising programs too.

  3. Hi Conor,

    Totally agree. Comic Relief’s success should remind us all of Lindsay Boswell’s exortations not to talk ourselves into a fundraising recession.

    I think what Comic Relief also shows is that when you talk to donors in the way they want hear from you, and when you enable them to be really engaged – thinking about their needs before your own – you unlock their giving. And that remains as true now as it was a year ago.


  4. My fellow on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.

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