Why Wait?


After 15 years I got my first donation ask from my favourite charity!

Scary but very true. I have been involved with this charity from, almost, the very start and I absolutely adore it. I think its one of the best organisations I know. Most of my work was not fundraising related but I did do a little bit of fundraising for them once.

I was always amazed that they never asked me to donate. You don’t get warmer than me. Well eventually I was asked and yes I will donate.

I know the thinking in the organisation was (or at least I think it was) that we cant ask those who support us in other ways to give mpney too. Of course you can. Here’s the thing if I didnt want to give, I just wouldnt. If I was offended by the ask, I would probably have let you know. So don’t pigeon hole supporters into categories.

Most importantly dont look at your supporters and think they wouldn’t like to give. Let them make that choice.

So don’t wait and ask today.


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