How contactable is your leadership?


I was out for dinner in a Pizza Express in Belfast and when I sat down this business card was on the table. I thought it was great, the Managers contact details right there for me. It made me wonder how contactable our organisations leadership are. I posted before about being frustrated when I see info@ email addresses (check the post here) and I think this is related to that. Why don’t we do what Pizza Express in Belfast does and have our leaders contactable.

Its a confident move, to me Pizza Express are saying, we are happy to stand over our product and if you arent happy get in touch. Aren’t we confident about what we do, why dont we make it easy for people to contact us and our leadership, why do we hide behind info@?


One thought on “How contactable is your leadership?

  1. Nice. There is a very well-known company in US called 37signals ( and the founder / CEO has his email on the homepage. He answers his emails too.

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