Why Donors Lapse

Isn’t this what we all want to know….combined with Why Donors give. If you can master these two things you are on the pigs back.

Bluefrog carried out research over three months. The fieldwork of more than 200 people, across 11 charities, shared their views, their gripes, their experiences and their recommendations relating to over 100 different organisations.

 They use one quote to sum up their findings which I thought was great, it is the message implicit in a single statement from one of the participants:

 “You keep saying this thing lapsed. Lapsed from what? I never felt I was giving anything up.”

Many donors feel that they lose very little when they withdraw their support. This points to the most important, yet most overlooked element of donor recruitment and development, which is that people give to charities in order to satisfy their own psychological needs – not the needs of the charity.

The answer to this is to place the focus on the donor.

Their paper provides seven practical steps that any charity can implement in order to reduce its level of donor attrition and quickly increase available funds, the key recomendations are:

  •  Actively look for ways to start a relationship. Don’t just drop new donors into your standard appeal cycle. Engage donors in a dialogue.
  • Manage donors’ expectations.
  • Don’t think about what you want to tell your donors, think about what they want to hear from you.
  • Concentrate on answering your donors’ needs.
  • Allow your donors to choose how and when they want to hear from you.
  • Know your donors – listen and remember. And show them that you remember.
  • If they do go, part as friends. The best chance you have of reactivating donors is their last experience of you is a positive one.

But don’t stop at this…..Read and Re-Read this report. Download it here

Thanks to Mark @ queerideas for sending it on


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