Corporates can support you in other ways

wigan_warriors_whizz-kidz_shirts_1239705731So maybe your corporate partners don’t have the funds to support you in the ways they did before. I have spoken before about us needing to find new ways to engage our corporates. Well here is one I came across on UK Fundraising., the current sponsor of rugby league team Wigan Warriors, is donating the shirt sponsorship for the team’s match against the French team the Catalan Dragons to Whizz-Kidz, its official charity partner.

This sponsorship is actually helping MeccaBingo over come a stumbling block of sponsorship law in France, but Whizz Kidz are benefitting.

Do you have a corporate partner that would work with you in this way?


2 thoughts on “Corporates can support you in other ways

  1. Thanks for highlighting our partnership with Mecca / Wigan Warriors, Conor – much appreciated 😉

    Great blog by the way. We’re really enjoying meeting new friends and engaging with supporters and benefciaries particularly on twitter.

    A recent mum of a boy we first helped when he was 10 months old, sent us twitpics of him now he is 19! It made us proud to see how independently he lives now, and the part we played in that.

    Cheers, Whizz-Kidz
    Rob (Whizz-Kidz PR Manager)

  2. O2 staff volunteer with Irish Autism Action groups. They help out with painting or moving schools (very common for ABA schools to have to move premises) gardening and general maintainance.

    The help is essential as in the case of autism, these changes must happen when the children are not on the premises. (autistic kids do not deal well with change) Therefore the parents must extract themselves from home at a time when they are needed most – when the kids are off school.

    The O2 staff have also helped out with bucket collections for the national office and individual groups, something that is still quite well supported by the general public, but is by nature labour intensive.

    And O2 like our other corporate partners – DHL, use their information networks to publicise fundraisers for the national office and various groups. Our Kila gig at The Village tonight went out to DHL mailing list and was a feature on the O2 internal Weekly Slice.

    And on top of the funds raised – it is a great morale booster to have this support.

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