Hugh Jackman giving away 100k on Twitter

About 12 hours ago Hugh Jackman posted the following on his twitter profile

RealHughJackman: WhiteI will donate 100K to one individual’s favorite non profit organization.Of course,you must convince me why by using 140 characters or less

Start getting your 140 charachters together and tweet the man!


2 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman giving away 100k on Twitter

  1. Do I get – oops I mean have – to sleep with him to get it?

  2. hello i voluteer for a charity called PHAB we have our own charity number it means people having abilities we provide activities for children and young adults from the age of 6 to 6o with and without disabilities we aim to promote inclusion in all fields making sure that everything we do is possible for everyone to do. We do arts crafts sports cooking life skills pantos singing and dancing we do our own fundraising but because we are in a rural area we have limited options for this we recieve no central funding and we have nearly run out of monet 900 in the bhank which means we wil have to close in september been open for 33 years all of which i have volunteered please consider us i can tell you lots show pics it would lose a rare facilitywhich would be a shame thankyou please please please xx

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