How to deal with the Media

journalistnfpSynergy have great monthly newsletters and their site is a great resource. This month they have, together with a group of journalists they survey twice a year, come up with the top 10 tips for dealing with the media. Here are the tips, read more detail behind them here.



  • Tip no 1: Case studies, case studies, case studies
  • Tip 2: Don’t just target the newsdesk – dig deeper
  • Tip 3: ‘No comment’ doesn’t mean ‘no story’
  • Tip 4: Be available, prepared and professional
  • Tip 5: Think globally, act locally – use local media
  • Tip 6: Build relationships – meet people face to face
  • Tip 7: Think carefully about your subject lines
  • Tip 8: Email your press releases – but phone with your exclusives
  • Tip 9: Know your targeted media inside out
  • Tip 10: Find out the other side of the story: media training and more

2 thoughts on “How to deal with the Media

  1. These are GREAT, Conor! Thanks for the post. It is refreshing and helpful to get tips specific to our industry.

    • Thanks Katie….nfp do some good work, glad to be able to share it. You are right nice to have stuff that is directly not for profit related

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