Leveraging the Power of Star Trek to raise funds

startrekposterI have to admit,  I know nothing about Star Trek. I have never seen one of the films and for me William Shatner is not Capt. Kirk but a musical genius!!

 But Milind Shah does. He is a Star Trek Fan and has  set up a Star Trek Fundraiser

The idea is that if Star Trek sold a million seats during the opening weekend and everyone contributed just $1, there would be a tremendous amount of goodwill generated. Star Trek means so much to so many, why not tie in their passions to the donation amount and get people to do some great things with their excitement?

The donations will go to Doctors Without Borders

What I really like about this idea is that it is piggy-backing on something that is already happening. We are used to seeing film releases and charities linked to things like World or Local Premieres and if you have ever done one of those you know they are an awful lot of work and sometimes the returns aren’t there. This idea is based on a community that already exists and an event they are excited about.

Imagine how this could have worked for Lord of the Rings, are there any other films you can think of that could be tapped into in this way? I would be sitting down and thinking about it!

You can check out the fundraiser site here http://www.startrekfundraiser.org/

And an extended interview with Milind here


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