Astral Media’s Radiothons – Canada

astralmap-enToday is Astral Media’s Day of Caring for Kids. With one-day radiothons for children’s health in 28 cities and on 50 radio stations across Canada, in support of 15 children’s hospitals and health care facilities.

In the next few minutes the Radiothons will start broadcasting live from children’s hospitals. Its well worth tuning in. All this is being done as part of Children’s Miracle Network’s Radiothon programme (yes the, by now mandatory, declaration of a vested interest!)

Astralare hoping to make a difference in the health and lives of children and parents who need this care. I expect millions of dollars will be raised today.

Check it out here. Also Sick Kids in Toronto has a Blog today, check it out here


3 thoughts on “Astral Media’s Radiothons – Canada

  1. Hard to drive and listen to the radio today. The tears get in the way!

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