Dry July


I’ve said it before…but here it goes again….the Aussies have a great way with words. They are also pretty good at coming up with some catchy with fundraising ideas.

This is one I saw last year and was really impressed with. Its a great idea, great name, easy to replicate (hint hint) and it works, in 2008 it raised over 250,000 Australian Dollars.

Their mission is pretty simple

Dry July’s mission is to have as many participants as possible, from all walks of life, to take on the challenge of an alcohol-free month.

Those that take part are asked to raise money to benefit the lives of adults living with cancer. A list of the charities they support is here

People register and get their own Dry July donation page for online donations, they open for registrations on June 1st. Check out their site here


8 thoughts on “Dry July

  1. Conor; that sound you hear is the Hoteliers association forming a mob and marching down your street carrying torches..

    • Id say they would love me for it. Although I actually think if they had any sense they should sponsor it!

  2. Many thanks for the positive comments!

    I fully agree that Aussies have a great way with words. As one of the founders of Dry July (and a Scot, ironically), I’ve found that Aussies often have a more positive outlook on life than you sometimes find elsewhere. Maybe it’s to do with the good weather, but there is also a cultural approach of giving things ‘a fair go’, which I think is part of the reason Dry July did so well in its first year.


    • I think you have hit the nail on the head. Congratulations on a wonderful idea (and lucky you living in Australia!). I would love to see it replicated in other parts of the world, although July may not be the best time Northern Hempishere as it is the summer (you know all those BBQ’s and stuff that we have!). A lot of people tend to take Nov or Jan off from drink so I really see this as a fundraiser that could be run then. Well done again.

    • OH…I like the new look holding page for the website, Ill check the new look June 1st

  3. I just joined them on twitter and facebook (a little detective work on my part)

    You are right Conor, it is a great initiative. I’m still not sure how we could adapt it. When you think of how poor the support for the designated driver program is here (limiting the amount of free soft drink) it is hard to imagine a way of making it work. But you have me thinking…..

  4. Hey there, fellow Conor! Thanks for the informative post. I heard something about Dry July via Twitter, and when I googled it, this page was very near the top. Probably something to do with Personalized Search and my huge ego. 😉

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