Always Say Thanks

Thank you!

Im pretty sure that anyone reading this blog doesnt need this reminder. So please dont think I am insulting your intelligence. But there is good reason for this post.

I was out over the weekend and two friends of mine commented about their experiences of giving over the past 12 months. Both had run the Dublin Marathon last October, both raised in excess of 2,000 euros via an online gving site, to two seperate (and big enough) charities.

Neither even got a note to say thanks.

They just wanted to know the money was recieved ok and that it went to some good use. How hard is that.

I couldn’t believe it. So I just had to post about it


One thought on “Always Say Thanks

  1. Conor – I think this is a sympton of how online donations and in office processes need to be more integrated.

    There is a huge gap between electronic and hardcopy communications, new generation online fundraising volunteers are falling into it I’m afraid.


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