Talking about your Impact

I had a discussion recently with a fellow blogger about this. Someone they knew had come into some money and was going to donate it to a worthy cause. A local school was suggested to them.

The person thought this wasnt a good idea as the school was going to close anyway. They thought that regardless of what they did, nothing would change that so their donation would go to waste

The reality of the situation is that €500 euro would keep a non-funded tutor in the school for a week, that’s 25 hours of 1-1 tutoring. Crucially 25 hours which might mean the difference to their ability to learn.

I wasn’t all that surprised at the donors feelings, they couldn’t get a sense of the importance of their gift, the Impact it would have.  I think this leads to a feeling of ‘it’s a lost cause’ which seems to be how that person felt about this school.

If people feel they are giving to an organisation that is a lost cause, i.e.  having no impact, then they are less likely to give. I worked an organisation 5 years ago and at that time they were saying they could only reach a certain number of people due to funding…..they are still saying the same thing!

Why would I support, as a donor, a cause that hasn’t improved or had an impact in 5 years!

 Impact is crucial.


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