Special Offers?

Everywhere I look I see special offers. Buy 1 coffee get 1 free, buy a scoop of ice cream get 1 free, 20% off, etc….

PR_ballroom_emptyI just wonder is there something in this for charities (and yes I tweeted about this during the week). Should we be trying this out. Would it work for a ball for example, buy 3 tickets get 1 free? I would rather get the 4th person there for free, chances are they will spend on the raffle. It would be better than an empty room, right?

Is anyone doing this or know of any examples?


4 thoughts on “Special Offers?

  1. Conor,
    Adapt not adopt as Ken Burnett would say! I’ve used a version of the buy 1 get…version with our Trek to Costa Rica with some success. Basically anyone who can get two friends to sign up – gets their deposit refunded or put toward their fundraising target! We’ve got a 23% increase to date!

  2. I’ve copied your post to my CEO as they are schlepping around a Peru Trek Conor.
    One thing would have to be clear – the special offer must apply from the outset. otherwise it devalues the contribution for the people who sign up early. And piss them off basically.
    No one wants to be at a ball that didnt sell too quickly, having paid 2K for their table, next to a table of people who paid 1,500 or less.


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